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MOB’ INNOV is an Erasmus+ exchange of good practices KA2 project in vocational education
2019 1 FR01 KA202 063143


  • Develop knowledge of existing expertise among partners

  • Promote innovation and excellence in VET

  • Develop the quality of content and the organisation of KA1 staff mobility

  • Create conditions for transfer of good practices



  1. Definition of excellence in VET: Partners exchange their ideas of innovation and excellence in VET and define common fields of excellence based on a study conducted by the European Commission in 2019 (Mapping of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs)

  2. Fact sheets of innovative practices presented on the website

  3. Methods for monitoring and evaluating the impact of staff mobility

MOB’ INNOV improves the quality and effectiveness of the ongoing staff mobilities, develops the peer-learning spirit of these exchanges, and showcase our good pedagogical practices to a wider audience.


MOB’ INNOV supports our review of vocational innovation and excellence by evaluating our own flagship products in VET, and by identifying our needs for further development and learning from others.

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