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ICELAND: Validation of prior learning for migrants - What´s in it for me?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

VISKA (Visible skills of adults) addressed the European policy priority of diminishing skills mismatch by making knowledge, skills and competences of adults more visible. In particular, VISKA addresses the need to make the skills of migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and low-skilled adults more visible, in order to shorten their time to employment, targeted education and training offers and active engagement in society. These target groups are currently at a disadvantage in European societies and could greatly benefit from improved access to validation services and from more holistic validation arrangements.

Responsible organisation

IÐAN fræðslusetur - Iceland

What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

In Iceland, it is possible for everyone to validate any prior education free of charge, even for individuals with little or low levels of qualifications. However, accessing the services and the validation process itself is a strenuous taks for non-Icelandic speaking individuals with the added difficulty that the formal school system does not have a systematic support for non-Icelandic individuals.

Despite national awareness and access of VPL services, it became evident that certain subgroups, such as migrants were not seeking VPL services… Approaching a new target group is a challenge and language and cultural differences was a barrier in accessing the target group. (Frontline staff in VPL)

What have been the achievements?

  • Development and extenuation of regional/national networks and partnerships

  • Existing tools were extended and adapted to the target group and tested

  • Criteria for assessing transversal skills were developed and tested

  • Training courses and capacity building for guidance-, assessor- and other frontline staff was developed and implemented

  • Enhanced Access and awareness of VPL services and influenced policy

Validation is one element of a much larger system.

Who was involved and how?

  • Members of the National Advisory Groups and other key stakeholders and policy actors

  • Frontline and guidance staff involved in the validation of prior learning

  • Clients and learners accessing or seeking to access validation services

  • Members of the project team in each partner organisation

Download the fact sheet with contact information here (pdf)

IDAN VISKA 2021_MOB'INNOV_Fact sheet_fin
Download • 288KB

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