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FRANCE: APPIE: a learning in immersion method

Updated: May 3, 2022

APPIE is a new learning method in apprenticeships, characterized by less time in the training centre and more time in the company with more individualised support, more flexibility for the company and a multimodal training form.

Responsible organisation

Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France (AOCDTF)

What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

The pedagogical innovation aims to tackle the issue of jobs attractiveness and to offer more personalised and interactive training.

What have been the achievements?

Thanks to a reduction in the time spent in a training centre, the apprentice is fully immersed in the company, where he or she is accompanied and trained by an apprenticeship supervisor. The company becomes the real learning organisation within which the apprentice will acquire the knowledge he or she needs.

Periods in the VET centre are designed to consolidate acquired knowledge and reinforce skills that could not be covered in the context of the professional activity, on an individualized basis.

Learning organisation in APPIE

  • First two weeks: the apprentice is in the training centre and is prepared for the company environment, goes through integration and learns about regulation.

  • Four months: in immersion in the company. His or her trainer visits him or her one day a month. Together they realise a formative evaluation: the trainee needs to think about his or her competencies and how he or she gets them. The tutor in the company and the apprenticeship supervisor follow a common training program for the follow-up of the trainee. The trainee uses open and distance learning.

  • One week: capacity building in the training centre, to reinforce the competencies that have not been seen in the company.

Who was involved and how?

  • IVET students receive a more individualised training

  • IVET trainers have their role is enhanced

  • Companies are put at the heart of the vocational training system

  • R&D unit of Compagnons du Devoir who designed the pedagogical objectives

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