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CATALONIA: Back to life, a recovery-engineering project

Updated: May 3, 2022

Problem-based learning methodology is used to repair old computers donated by companies. Students, with the teacher's guidance, bring computers back to life to offer them to schools in their community. This is a project based on sustainability that involves students in circular economy.



What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

  • To get the appropriate materials needed to use problem-based learning in IT practical lessons. To use PBL methodology in class, which promotes significant learning and helps to motivate students.

  • When students do their internships in other schools, they are usually asked to do computer maintenance. Having second-hand PC equipment helps them to improve their learning practice.

  • To reduce IT equipment disposal by reusing it for teaching and learning purposes.

What have been the achievements?

Primary school students using the equipment donated by the project.

Concerning the school:

  • Involvement of companies in the project and getting them to donate obsolete and outdated IT equipment that they no longer need.

  • Students from VET (Vocational Education Training) and FET (Further Education and Training) work with different computer components, sometimes solving problems that not even the teachers know beforehand, and also combining different equipment to build a new computer.

  • A high level of motivation among students.

Concerning the Education System:

  • PC equipment has been donated to 16 different schools benefitting 635 students.

Concerning society:

  • Thanks to this project, a large amount of IT equipment has been reused instead of just being recycled or simply disposed of.

Who was involved and how?

  • Institut Vidal i Barraquer More than 120 IT students over three academic years / IT Department teachers who have directly participated in this project, together with the educational community.

  • Several companies from the area that donated computer equipment that has become obsolete or was no longer useful for them.

  • Schools in the area that asked for ready-to-use refurbished equipment (16 schools and 635 students that have directly benefited)

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