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DENMARK - Management on the Move

Updated: May 9, 2022

Inspiration and sharing of knowledge

As VET institution, you are always on the move. What will the future bring us round the next corner and how can we as educational institution be as adaptive and prepared as possible. What did we learn from COVID that can support us in this process? This course offers an international forum for inspirational discussion and sharing for managers.

Responsible Organisation:


What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

In this course you get the opportunity to find inspiration and gain new knowledge about management based on the Danish model and exemplified at EUC Syd in Denmark.

The course has a number of focus points and there will be ample opportunity for discussion and questions from the management perspective.

The course also includes cultural elements special for the city of Sønderborg as well as for the region with Danish / German minorities.

What have been the achievements in terms of outcome?

The intended outcome is to bring managers and heads together to discuss issues in vocational education from an international perspective from the following topics:

  1. School management in relationships and collaboration with ministries, companies and institutions

  2. Strategic development and institutional sustainability

  3. Quality assurance and evaluation of teaching and trainers

  4. Digitisation of the education and organizations

  5. Internationalisation as a strategic effort

Who was involved and how?

This course was developed by the steering committee in the cross-border cooperation between German and Danish VET-colleges within the framework of the Starforce project. (see other blog)

MOB'INNOV_EUC_SYD_management courses EUC Syd
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