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FRANCE: Training pathways for company creators

The training package aims to provide all necessary information to make it possible to create or take over a craft business in the best conditions. The training pathway is modular, adaptable to individual needs, includes assistance and counselling and is possible to achieve either in e-learning or face to face training. 76% of the company creation supported by the skilled craft chambre are still developing 3 years after their start.

Responsible organisation

CMA France for national coordination and regional skilled craft chambers delivering the training pathways

What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

Skilled craft chambers support the lifecycle of a company and the development of craft companies from the start until takeover of the company. 260 000 persons looking for advice to create a company are received each year in the CMA all over France. They deliver support in various domains (legal advice, admin support and information). Create a craft company needs to master a certain number of skills and support and assistance should help to avoid premature failings.

What have been the achievements?

The model proposed by CMA France includes 4 modules that can be offered according to the needs of the learner. Some projects may propose more modules (see example below)

Module 1 “How to act in a (professional) situation to confirm your professional choice"

Module 2 “Discover the company and company environment”

Module 3 “Evaluate your potential”

Objectives and outcomes of the project:

12 MODULES were developed:

1 How do I simply prepare my company registration?

2 My business creation, 2 hours to understand how to do it

3 How to find my first customers?

4 How to sell my products or my services?

5 How to finance my business and find assistance?

6 What are the regulations of my activity?

7 How to calculate what I'm going to earn?

8 The micro-company... Is it for me?

9 How to manage and organize my business on a daily basis?

9' How to manage and organize my company on a daily basis?

10 When and how can I hire employees?

11 How to choose the right admin status of my company?

12 How to boost the company development?

It is possible to follow each training module or to choose among 5 coherent learning packages varying from 2 to 5 days proposed to meet needs of project leaders and company creators.

Who was involved and how?

  • CMA France and e-formation teering group

  • Network of skilled craft chambers and training centres

Download the fact sheet with contact information here (pdf)

Download PDF • 317KB


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