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FRANCE: introducing digital in the civic life of the apprentices

Updated: May 3, 2022

Digital training modules are included in apprentice training to transmit a minimum base of digital culture, to make apprentices autonomous and help them to become actors of their professional and personal projects.

The pedagogical approach used is based on challenges, self-directed work and peer evaluation.

Strong individualisation of the training: the modules are adaptive, according to the level and needs of the learners.

Responsible organisation

Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France (AOCDTF)

What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

  • It aims to tackle the lack of apprentices’ digital knowledge and soft skills. The innovation is less about learning digital competencies than about introducing digital tools into the civic life of the learners.

  • Young people grow up with digital tools but never learn to adopt a critical view on their use. The innovation concerns the digitalisation of learners' skills in terms of use.

  • Moreover, it aims to support the digital transformation of companies and put VET at the centre of this digitalisation.

What have been the achievements?

Creation of a series of modules in basic and advanced level based on an interactive pedagogical approach.

  • They learn how to use digital tools in a concrete manner (how to declare and pay their taxes online, how to search online to get funding for their driving licence, etc). The goal is to learn how digital tools work and adopt a critical view of them rather than being just a ‘digital consumer’.

  • The pedagogical approach is based on learning through experimentation and exploration, it is not a top-down approach.

Presentation of the project in French

Who was involved and how?

  • Les Compagnons VET centre in Nantes: answered the national call and is implementing it.

  • A digital consulting firm “Le chaudron”: created the content of the modules and the pedagogical approach.

  • Apprentices: received the training

AOCDTF_MOB'INNOV_Fact sheet_La Main aux données
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