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Updated: May 17, 2022

IÐAN´s video on how to create your own podcast. The purpose of this best practice is to share with you, what our organisation has learnt when creating podcasts. In this video we talk about different steps in producing a podcast. From choosing a topic to deciding the relevant equipment. What Editing programs are available as well as distribution pathways. Communication is a vital part of creation and innovation and podcasts are an easy way to get information

across to a wide audience, and gives freedom to discuss topics such as inclusion, environmental issues and really any topic that comes to mind. This medium offers a straightforward way to communicate. IÐAN therefore invites interested parties to get in touch is you would like to share.

IÐAN Education Centre -Iceland

For further information please contact IDAN Education centre -

What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular in different fields, such as news media, culture, finances and comedy. Podcasts for educational purposes are becoming a real choice to communicate. Podcasting offers different opportunities to share knowledge and information and it is accessible. Podcasting is a part of the digital transformation that the whole of society is experiencing. Many learning institutes have incorporated podcasting into their educational offer. IÐAN education centre is no exception. The last few years IÐAN has been developing and producing podcasts. The Covid pandemic created an urgency in finding new ways to approach our learners, thus pushing the adoption of podcasts to our educational and marketing supply.

What have been the achievements?

IÐAN launched its first podcast in February 2021 and have now produced 68 tracks. IÐAN started producing videos for real, five years ago. The videos are categorised according to purpose and now count over 200. IÐAN is now finding synergies between videos and podcasts that will enhance access to learning and information for learners and industry.

Who was involved and how?

IÐAN´s staff. There is a production team that works with department managers in defining topics. This team is in constant dialogue with industry, teachers, researchers and specialist as well as keeping up to date with current trends nationally and internationally. .

MOB'INNOV_Fact sheet_Podcast_IDAN2022
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