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DENMARK Rethinking food in a sustainable way - get inspired in a universe of taste and textures

Updated: May 9, 2022

Rethink food is a part of an innovative tool supporting New pedagogies, and digital technologies for learning.

From beginning to the very end of the student’s studies, they can keep track of their own performance, recipes, content, progression and planning of their own study plan.

Responsible organization

EUC Syd, Denmark

What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

The increasing focus on sustainability in the Danish society needs to be part of, and reflected in our educational programs. Rethinking food in a sustainable way is EUC Syd's approach to sustainability and our take on UNESCOs 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the Gastronomy and Catering education. Rethinking food is our daily pedagogical method, as well as a Train-the-Trainer course aimed at teachers and educators dealing with the preparation of food.

What have been the achievements?

  • The creation of a digital tool that empowers students and makes them responsible for their education by keeping track of their progression. Students can register their acquired skills, view their schedule, book appliances and utensils in the kitchen, share recipes and methods

  • Student-controlled requisition system: students order their own ingredients for their lessons; the platform helps them make sustainable choices by pointing out: seasonal / local alternative products vs. out-of-season / foreign / transported products; possibility of preserving / fermenting / drying products; CO2 emissions for products

  • Students rethink planning, preparation and cooking with a scientific approach and keeping in mind the sustainability factor, preservation, food waste and green cleaning

  • The digital tool enables teachers to track students' progress, share teaching materials and assignments, track appliance use in the kitchen, and evaluate students. These digital shortcuts free up time that can be used teaching students practical skills.

  • Awareness of sustainability and the UNESCOs 17 Sustainable Development Goals

  • Less paper and clutter in the classroom and in the kitchen

Who was involved and how?

EUC Syd by encouraging a sustainable strategy at the school level and an increased focus on the work with the 17 SDGs

The Catering and Gastronomy team, who designed, created, and implemented the use of the platform

Apprentices taking part in the training and education

Download PPTX • 3.25MB

MOB'INNOV_EUC_SYD_online_rethink food EUC Syd
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