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DENMARK StarForce - (Strong Talents Ready for Cross-Border Education)

Updated: May 9, 2022

Starforce is an Interreg Va project that unites all relevant educational stakeholders in a strategic cooperation.

The project aims at improving the opportunities for e.g. VET education focusing on:

  • Enhancing mobilities in cross-border VET programs

  • Develop VET- models to give a double degree and access to the Danish and German labour market

  • Raise the attractiveness of VET in the border region

Responsible organisation:

EUC Syd, Denmark

What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

3-4 years ago, there was a lack of apprenticeships in Denmark and a lack of apprentices in the northern part of Germany.

Schleswig is in the southern part of Denmark and the northern part of Germany and the project also aims to keep young people in this region for education and later work.

All research showed a high demand for a skilled workforce in the nearest future which seemed to be difficult to reach in the current situation

The former Minister of Education in Denmark suggested that the Danish students could go to Germany for an apprenticeship. and the project aimed to show how that could be done with a double degree.

What have been the achievements?

  • Development of models to achieve a double degree in: e.g. chefs, IT, industrial electrician and business and retail trades

  • Increasing use of the Danish PIU program to support Danish apprentices abroad

  • Models for acknowledging exams on both sides

  • Closer cooperation on the management levels of the involved VET-colleges

  • Closer cross-border cooperation between teachers

  • Acknowledgement and approval of the models by all social partners

  • Increasing the knowledge about possibilities in Northern Germany for EUC Syd students

  • Finding solutions and models on how to e.g. acknowledge the differences in the two educational systems

Who was involved?

IHK Flensburg was the leading partner:

  • They are overall responsible for apprentices and company training in their region. They are also responsible for all exams for the apprentices.

IBC and EUC Syd VET colleges

  • Developing educational models

  • Finding students to go abroad

  • Supporting German students to come to Denmark

  • Holding exams

  • Working with companies in Germany

Region South Denmark

  • Financial support and regional perspective on the workforce issue in the project

Tietgen - University college

  • On-going education to support LLL

German VET and business colleges

  • Same as IBC and EUC Syd

Short movie:

MOB'INNOV_EUC_SYD_online_Starforce EUC Syd
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