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Updated: May 17, 2022

IÐAN Education and training centre has developed welding workshops to meet a growing demand for welding competence in labour market. Welding processes are used in many materials in our everyday surroundings. Techniques need to be mastered and new techniques emerge. Therefore, continues training is so important. IÐAN has adapted welding workshops different needs: to encourage jobseekers, for reskilling and for apprentices. Welding workshops build up competencies and can there for increased job possibilities, access to educational opportunities and prepare apprentice for qualification exams. The aim of the workshops is to create a safe and comfortable environment that encourages teamwork and aspire participants to improve their competencies. The workshops are in total 80 hours.

IÐAN Education Centre -Iceland

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What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

This workshop addresses the need of proficiency among apprentices in welding, plumbing, mechanics and other trades. It also tackles the demand for reskilling. Welding for Success tackles many different target groups with different needs and challenges. Thus increasing prospects towards labour market and educational opportunities. Finding ways to Strengthening 21st century skills is a constant issue that need attention. This workshop addresses among other things; teamwork, communication and problem solving.

What have been the achievements?

The Welding workshops have inspired the participants and given them hope, belief in their own abilities and an opportunity to strengthen their position in the labour market or encouragement to train or study further. Specialization in welding such as TIG/MIG/MAG can increase employability and create different opportunities.

The first Welding workshops started in 2014 and have been developed since. These workshops are run twice a year and upon demand and can easily be adapted depending on the target group.

Who was involved and how?

Highly qualified trainers, student and career councillors, companies and Directorate of labour are involved. IÐANs trainers are responsible for the training and IÐANs student and career councillors support and advise participants before, during and after the workshops. This support entails identifying and providing appropriate assistance to the participants. The councillors are available for consultation in regards with career and educational aspirations during the workshop and after the workshop.


  • I have worked in welding for a long time, I thought I had more knowledge …this workshop has really helped me…I now have a new job!

  • I highly recommend this workshop for those that want to really enhance their competencies.

  • I sat and did nothing for 3 days, the trainers were supportive and encouraging, they supported me at my level, no pressure…which was good.

2021_MOB'INNOV_Fact sheet_IDAN welding
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