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DENMARK - International Academy - EUC Syd

Updated: May 3, 2022


International work and activities in a strategic framework

Country: Denmark

Responsible organisation: EUC Syd

Contact name:

Lene Sandholdt

Head of International Department / EUC Syd

What problem or issue has the innovative practice aimed to tackle?

How to work with the Erasmus+ program for incoming students to your organization as a conceptual all in one solution. and how to raise the internatinal awarenes at EUC Syd by welcoming international students

What has been achieved in terms of outcomes:

Why come to EUC Syd?

With its five campuses placed in four cities, EUC Syd is the largest vocational school in Southern Denmark. EUC Syd offers more than 120 VET programs in the following areas: technology, building and construction, transportation, health and care, and food.

We take pride in educating skilled artisans in the spirit of high-quality craftsmanship, professional pride, and creativity. In good Danish spirit, we shape not only professional careers, but lives – we strive to offer a holistic education, where differentiation, collaboration, problem solving, and problem-based learning are part of the game.

Who was involved and how?

International Department at EUC Syd together with our international partners


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